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Retiring in Tulum, Yucatan . Fun, sun, Paradise

Make it Happen! Live your tropical retirement dream now.

Why settle for less? You only have this moment and now to create your dream. Being a boomer and living in the 1950’s we always knew we could create what we wanted. It was a different era. Any job you wanted you got. I wanted to get married young and I did. Just like that.

Now divorced and finding my dream job I have always had strong visions. Working for an airline for over 30 years I have traveled the world. Always dreaming of a tropical paradise, a beach, a home with open doors and windows and the ocean breeze on my face.

Meeting my second husband we loved life. Driving on dirt bikes to the tops of mountains, sledding on our snow mobiles to 10,000 feet in the rocky mountains, fishing in derby’s and winning incredible prizes. Every weekend something new.

But then after building our dream home on an acreage in Canada we knew we loved solitude and animals and space to enjoy mother nature. I am huge into gardening and our life has take a natural turn.

Loving adventure I enticed my husband on a trip to Mexico. Everyone says it is dangerous and you will lose your head. Literally. But the culture, color, ( I am a native artist) warmth and opportunity engulfed us.

Deserted beach no people

Finally after many years of searching we found

A wonderful gated safe community of over 220 / 5 acre lots. Totally off grid and you can only build on 5% of your lot. As soon as we drove in I knew this was it. Our dream. Living in a jungle with an off-grid home. But having the amenities of Canada . We just had to clear the lot and find someone trustworthy to build it.

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House exterior completed

Now 3 years later we have our home completed. This blog is about our journey to completion and now everyday adventures. We can now truly reap our rewards. I want people to know visualize that dream and never lot it go. You will be granted every wish if you know in your heart it is what you want!


Monkeys in the morning on our lot.

Monkey mama_copy


  1. I have been thinking about retiring overseas for a while now. I just need to decide where. I had been thinking about Asia, but seeing your blog could change my mind! Did you purchase your lot or lease it from the developer?


      November 11, 2015 at 4:51 pm

      We bought our lot with a Title from the developer and then a bank trust for 50 years as we are 12km to the beach. No one can ever take our land and that is why we have a bank trust. We can sell it anytime but we hope to live here for at least 20 more years or until it is time then we have our son’s name on the trust which is automatically transferred to him. We love it so much …. 4 days and we return to Mexico for 6 months.

  2. Sounds like you’re living a great adventure and you’re place looks beautiful! I’m currently in Mexico (and lived here a few years ago)- it’s an amazing country that has a bad rep. I look forward to seeing more from you. 🙂

  3. I must say I enjoy your post. You are quite inspirational. One thing that caught my attention was when you said you wanted to get married early and did. I was just wondering why you wanted to get married early. Do you think it was one reason the marriage didn’t work out? What would you tell young girls today about getting married early. Would you encourage them to go in for it or not?
    I want to actually thank you for this lovely post. You write beautifully. My warm regards to your dear husband.


      January 14, 2016 at 8:07 pm

      Sometimes we have a dream. From a young woman. Fairy tale. Your life will be perfect if I get married, love my husband and have 2 children, a boy and girl and live happy forever. We never give ourselves the chance at an early age to discover life. I never really knew what I wanted or deserved. I just wanted that so badly. My ex husband and myself were thinking should we break up or get married? We got married and he was my friend not my partner. I grew and he became recluse. Then we went on our separate trips and friends and activities that we did not have in common.
      Eventually I became bored and looked for more excitement. Live your life and decided what makes you happy not what is supposed to be.
      Hope that helps

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