Why settle for less? You only have this moment and now to create your dream. Being a boomer and living in the 1950’s we always knew we could create what we wanted. It was a different era. Any job you wanted you got. I wanted to get married young and I did. Just like that.

Now divorced and finding my dream job I have always had strong visions. Working for an airline for over 30 years I have traveled the world. Always dreaming of a tropical paradise, a beach, a home with open doors and windows and the ocean breeze on my face.

Meeting my second husband we loved life. Driving on dirt bikes to the tops of mountains, sledding on our snow mobiles to 10,000 feet in the rocky mountains, fishing in derby’s and winning incredible prizes. Every weekend something new.

But then after building our dream home on an acreage in Canada we knew we loved solitude and animals and space to enjoy mother nature. I am huge into gardening and our life has take a natural turn.

Loving adventure I enticed my husband on a trip to Mexico. Everyone says it is dangerous and you will lose your head. Literally. But the culture, color, ( I am a native artist) warmth and opportunity engulfed us.

Deserted beach no people

Finally after many years of searching we found www.losarbolestulum.com.

A wonderful gated safe community of over 220 / 5 acre lots. Totally off grid and you can only build on 5% of your lot. As soon as we drove in I knew this was it. Our dream. Living in a jungle with an off-grid home. But having the amenities of Canada . We just had to clear the lot and find someone trustworthy to build it.

House exterior completed

Now 3 years later we have our home completed. This blog is about our journey to completion and now everyday adventures. We can now truly reap our rewards. I want people to know visualize that dream and never lot it go. You will be granted every wish if you know in your heart it is what you want!


Monkeys in the morning on our lot.

Monkey mama_copy