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Why I love Mexico Today

Today a day in Paradise. Over 1 year ago I had a brain hemorrhage and I almost died. The one thing that helped me get better was our dream of living here. At age 63 , healthy positive but a little stressed, I hit the bottom. My head exploded. Then I had to rest for 4 months.

I really prayed for help and guidance. Not being a religious person , but knowing there is higher energy, I listened. To my body which was consumed with a massive 4 month headache, nausea, weakness and just a huge depression. WHY ME?

I just got better. Because I knew I would. I wanted to be back in our beautiful home we just completed, my wonderful husband and dog and the new retired life we created in Tulum. Yucatan.

Today I sit with gratitude. Having a party with 25 of our closest new friends. A Star Shower Laser light show in the jungle. We brought  2 lasers from Canada and in the jungle it is black. Thousands of stars are illuminated on every tree. Connecting to the stars in the sky.

Welcome to our daily living here and I plan to write more consistent blogs.

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  1. Sometimes, it takes near death experiences for us to truly appreciate the beauty of our lives.

  2. This is a very inspiring story. I like some of the sentences in your post very much like “The one thing that helped me get better was our dream of living here.” And “I just got better. Because I knew I would.” This means to me that you got what you believed you would; you expected to get. As a believer in positive thinking, this is very significant. I thank you for it.

  3. Sorry you had to go through that, but sometimes these things happen to appreciate our lives and change us for the better. Love it xx

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